Knowledge about ice


Here, you can become an expert in ice and climate change! There are 5 topics. Start with number 1 and browse through the programme using the green ‘next’ buttons.

Ice on land: What is a glacier, an ice cap and an ice sheet

1. Ice on land: What is a glacier, an ice cap and an ice sheet? Where can you find glaciers? And what is an ice age?

Glacier formation

2. Glacier formation: How is a glacier formed? How does it behave? Is ice flowing?

When ice is melting

3. When ice is melting: What happens when the ice on land melts? Why can you find mammoth skeletons at the bottom of the North Sea?

Why is the ice melting

4. Why is the ice melting: Why and how is the ice melting today?

In the footsteps of the scientist

In the footsteps of the scientist: Learn what it’s like to be polar scientist and work with ice.

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