Welcome to the Ice School

The website is directed at school children between the ages of 12 and 14 years. It is intended as a teaching course in subjects such as geography and other natural sciences.

The school children will learn about climate change and the effect of this on glaciers, ice caps and ice sheets and how this effects sea-level changes. The school children will learn the basic terminology when discussing ice and climate change. The teacher can follow up with more detailed subjects if wanted. Have a look at the collection of links to other teaching websites in the menu to the left.

The following subjects will be treated:

Ice on land: Basic knowledge about glaciers, ice caps and ice sheets and where on Earth they can be found.

Formation and behaviour: How glaciers form and how they act. The pupil will get to know about calving and moraine formation.

When ice melts: What happens when the ice melts and how does this effect sea level.

Why is the ice melting?: How does climate change affect land ice? Including the greenhouse effect.

Follow a scientist: Hear about how PhD-students are working directly with ice and climate.

The pupils will browse their way through the different subjects. There will be small learning quizzes throughout and after every subject a short summary with exercises and ideas for discussion in the classroom.

On the links page, there are links to external teaching websites that the ice school finds relevant.

If you have any additions to this page, or other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.